About Kensington

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At Kensington Asset Management, our focus is on diversification. Through our multi manager, multi-asset approach, enhancing diversification beyond that of the market standard, we are able to reduce our clients risk, and more importantly, maximise returns.


Who we are

Kensington Asset Management was established in 2017 in the highly regulated Dublin Financial Centre in Ireland and brings together over 400 years of investment experience.

The Kensington Diversity Fund Range was designed to provide a solution to investors who wish to access the best money managers in the world, without the headache and complications that inevitably arise when choosing from the vast array of investment managers.

‘Kensington Asset Management was created to provide clients who wish to invest with greater peace of mind and greater returns’


What is the Diversity range?

The Diversity fund range offers a unique proposition for investors, bringing together three highly successful managers (The Best of Breed) with over 400 years of collective investment experience, and over 500B USD of combined assets under management. The Diversity range is a multi-asset, multi manager strategy, wrapped within one low cost fund proposition.


What is Multi Manager, Multi Asset Investing?

Each Kensington diversity fund is split into 3 segments, each segment is then in turn allocated to one of the world’s leading fund managers. The Kensington fund range is a multi-asset strategy, meaning the fund is able to invest across the wider investment landscape, be it geographical locations or the various asset classes, with investments covering equities, bonds, cash, property and even alternatives. The performance of each money manager is then combined to provide Kensingtons yield figures. Assets managed in the multi manager multi-asset strategy are growing at the fastest rate in the industry. It is the new paradigm in core investing ‘The Diversity range is designed to take the worry out of deciding how and where to invest using layered diversification to minimise any associated risk.’


Diversifying your investments.

Diversification is based on the idea that ‘you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket’. Different types of investments will move differently at different times of an economic cycle and some will be riskier than others. The idea is that diversifying your investment portfolio helps by spreading some of the risk across a number of different asset types, market sectors and geographic locations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]